on traveling

i have officially graduated from college. it happened over a month ago, but it's only just now started to feel real. almost immediately after graduation i went on a trip:
san francisco
ann arbor
most of these, places i had never been. i'm from denver and looking to move back there in the next couple months, but other than that it was a month of new experiences. 

i only brought one camera on my trip. i was gone for a long time and doing carry-on only so all i had with me was my fuji instax neo-classic. i used to hate instax. i thought it was a bastardization of instant film. it was small and easy, too automatic for anything real. 

i've grown to love it. 

instax is (relatively) inexpensive, easy to travel with, and convenient. it's the only film i used on my trip and i couldn't be happier with the pictures i took away from it. my favorite pictures were taken at the monarch crest on the continental divide, very near my mountain home of garfield, colorado. i had taken my friends to the crest so they could see it, and see the continental divide. the weekend we were in the mountains was snowy and beautiful. the crest is usually home to one of the best views on all of planet earth, but on this day, it was nothing but white. it was beautiful and i love the images i got out of it. i even submitted a few of them to shows. 

the images feel right, with where i am right now. i'm moving back to denver soon but feeling stuck with my work. i just graduated and feel afloat. i'm working on it, though, and making work through the process.